About Us

The Brand

reenarosedass.com brand logo

Reena Rose Dass is a fashion brand that encourages individuality and promotes peace and goodwill by unfollowing means that harm the environment. A slow fashion brand that imagines, creates and functions in a sustainable way. 

It's main goal is to make people realize their uniqueness which makes every product produced here a 'Limited Edition'.


Sub-brand of reenarosedass.com (Nokkam)

Nokkam is a sub-brand of RRD that focuses on empowering lesser known handicrafts of INDIA through healthy collaborations and global exposure to create unique, environment friendly and innovative products.

The Designer

Founder of reenarosedass.com

 Reena Rose is a fashion designer, based in Navi Mumbai. She believes the best part about being a designer is the ability to bring your imagination to life and watching others wear that imagination is the real prize. 

A self proclaimed Hippie, she lives by the principles of love, peace and righteousness. Her aim is to live a happy life. In her free time, she enjoys wandering, painting, baking, karaoke and dancing.