Some beliefs state the term ‘woman’ to derive its origin from the words womb and man.

A creator, a goddess. Her attributes like beauty measured in vain, intolerance to injustice frowned upon. She creates in abundance but chooses her way of dealing with bearers of sugar, spice and everything nice. If there was a piece of advice by Gaia to us, today – Go forth my rum nuggets – bring yourself some joy by the if’s and but’s you chuckle upon and why’s that toy with your mind. This is your day; be a pear, trapeze, apple or just another human being; unaccountable.

We at Reena Rose Dass celebrate the unleashing of the goddess within. To break and recreate the moulds that deem fit to your needs and wants. No longer are the colours too light, fit too tight or pants that need the perfect thigh. We, the womb-hoods, are a reminder of how diverse yet divine life can be.

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